Back to ancestral animal instincts

If we Sri Lankan accept that million years ago our ancestors were roaming around hunting in search of food living in caves virtually like animals. With evolution, we came out of living in caves began clearing land for cultivation and built shelters for living. For safety stated communal living and with time began worshiping and have now progressed gradually to civilized modern living.

Yet, we find still many tend to live like frogs in well, without keeping phase with the world around us and understanding events. Then there are others who live in glass houses insulating them from what is going on in the outside world. Every time the going gets tough or misdirected by greedy politicos very often few tend to go back to their ancestral animal instincts fight with others over matters that could be resolved by discussion. This has been the history of our nation, in spite of us being followers of major religions of the world and highly literate.