Sharing views of a Consultant


Greetings from a Development Consultant, who believe that the basic concept and nature of life is that one relies on something for its existence and nobody is excluded from it. With over 20 years of industrial experience in design and development gained in developed countries and over 20 years’ experience as Management Consultant, living in the North during the conflict years with courage when others opted otherwise. Meeting all obstacles to provide professional services to assist the livelihoods of the people gave an insight of their life styles and realized causes that were hindering development of the region. The knowledge of reality enabled to come out of the negative oppressed mindset to pause a little and prepare thoughts on current affairs. The exchanges of views through the postings are not written with any wrong thoughts or motives to hurt anyone.  In formulating the thoughts have tried to be objective and balanced avoid being partisan to enable affected people to understand issues better and at the same time appealing to those in power to correct the wrong.  All reviews and comments would be well appreciated.