Just the tip of the iceberg

the-tip-of-the-iceberg-1-728The latest power outage – the longest power failure island wide in 20 years in Sri Lanka represent just the tip of the iceberg, the small, perceptible part of a much larger problem that remains hidden. All state sectors have their share of skeletons in the cupboard accumulated over the years. An appalling fact that is knowingly or unknowingly kept by the authorities as a secret from the people they are supposed to serve. For too long the state has been preoccupied brewing the ethnic crisis in the country that the state sectors have been in a state of neglect. The sectors have been allowed to crawl adoring whatever fraud or corrupt practices they choose and follow any command that promises to make them safer. There is no space in it for freethinkers who are willing to use their minds without chauvinism; they dare not offend and are outnumbered at all levels by political appointees that have made the situation worse. Most of these freethinkers have vacated their posts, gone overseas or joined the private sector.

People cannot wait for disasters like the power outage to occur for the Authorities to take action. These are all part of the cobweb that needs to be cleaned up if there is to be good governance in the country. It is not an easy task, but needs to be done and require time and support from the people. Remember Rome was not built in a day, but at least we now have got a golden opportunity to start rebuilding our nation.