Ven Sobitha Thera – respected by all

thThe first death anniversary of the most Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, who helped to usher in the New Coalition Government, falls this Tuesday; had the Ven Sobitha Thera lived today, he would not have been surprised at all of the events that are rolling out; because in his life time he saw that the guardians of the country were rotten to core and called for quick decisions to differentiate between the rouges and the good ones to take the country out of darkness.

The path for the New Government has not been a smooth one to investigate hundreds of bribe cases of varying magnitude claimed to have taken place during the last regime; those crimes that Ven Sobitha Thera and others were calling out to be investigated. A year has gone by and nothing substantial has taken place regards to those cases, which has resulted more such cases taking place even after the formation of the New Government.  This was demonstrated in the recently released COPE report that has brought to surface the bond issue bounty that took place so early in the life of this government, where it has confirmed that there was something rotten in the state of the treasury bond issue system that has been in practice for many years without a single eye-brow raised by those in power and people were appalled to find the Yahapalanaya sun eclipsed so early in its dawn.

The COPE Chairman JVP’s Sunil Handunnetti with many other young legislators from UNP, SLFP and TNA in the committee all determined to carry the torch of Yahapalanaya, probably inspired by the true Buddhist Monk Sobitha Thera. The COPE report findings are said to be fair and accurate, has general acceptance from the public in spite of the political divide surfacing many times in the committee due to some senior legislators and that has fortunately put the governance is back on track. May the Venerable monk attain Nibbana!

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