“The pot calling the kettle black”

pot-calling-kettle-blackIt is a well-known idiom that comes from old times when pots and pans were generally black and kettles were generally metallic and reflective. Therefore the pot sees its black reflection in the kettle and thinks that the kettle is black, that means people should not criticize someone else for a fault that they have themselves and is used of a person who is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another and is the way the cookies crumble in parliament, an example of psychological projection.

The Leader of the Opposition is the politician who leads the main opposition as the leader of the largest party not within the government; post is a political office to lead the Opposition in parliament and not just on matters related his own political party representing the Tamil speaking people.  Accordingly the Leader of the Opposition R Sampanthan accused the United National Party (UNP) of working with the joint opposition and preventing corrupt officials from being jailed; said that no one from the opposition has yet been convicted or jailed for corruption. He further said that some members of the current Government are also corrupt and they must be charged and that the public are fed up of the behavior of the Government and the joint opposition. Because, the Government led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is hesitant to take any action against the culprits involved in this scam as stated by the Chief Opposition Whip and Leader of JVP Anura Kumara Dissanayake, who moved an adjournment motion in Parliament and urged the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to supervise this process and directly order to proceed on to take legal action against the perpetrators  and while thanking President Maithripala Sirisena for appointing a Presidential Commission to investigate into the Central Bank bond issue, questioned as to why that action was delayed for two long years.

At the time the present government came to power in 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International which measures “the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials and politicians”, Sri Lanka was ranked 88th out of 166 nations included in the survey. The level of corruption is the cause of all evil in the country; this was visible during the time of civil war in the country and even after the war during negative peace years. Opposition and TNA leader R Sampanthan as a veteran politician, desires to rid of corruption in the country and there is no better place to start than at the legislature, for it is the level of corruption among the legislators that is preventing them working on the multiple problems faced by the people in the country including his own Tamil speaking people.  The leader of the opposition has implied the need to put an end to this level of corruption, stating that some members of the current Government are also corrupt and they must be charged. True the public are fed up of the behavior of the Government and the joint opposition, who like “The pot calling the kettle black”, blaming each other when both are guilty & are only deceiving the people.