Time to end the Illusion

GeneiTaiyouTitleIn a world plagued by the Demonian, creatures that take advantage of the negative emotions of people and transform them into monsters, girls from 22 special bloodlines are chosen to wield the power of the Elemental Tarot and confront them. The story follows Akari Taiyo, a 12-year-girl who becomes the wielder of card “The Sun” and joins the mysterious organization “Sefiro Fiore” to confront the Daemonia along other card wielders. However, it does not take long for Akari to learn that with their duty comes an unbearable guilt, as to defeat the Daemonia, the humans afflicted by them must perish as well. In Sri Lanka the rulers have learned, the bitter truth that with their duty to end terrorism in the country comes the unbearable guilt that own people aggrieved by them too have perished and though the forces who won the battle cannot be punished for it; the head of state has agreed it excludes those who are guilty of acts that were not connected with the security of the nation.

When Sri Lankans prepared for the General Elections 2015, it was thought that they are stuck in a black hole where dictatorial abuses of power was accepted under the guise of democracy, where one man reins with complete disregard for check and balance. How parliament majority defied and defiled the rule of law by brushing aside the judiciary and other independent anti-corruption bodies as if they are some flies, necessary nuisance, as they made a mess of the country and it was this that made the people decide on a change; and when the New Coalition Government was formed people expected from it good governance.

In the good old days, people had “free” elections and were “free” to choose any candidate that had been selected for the election. In 2015 too, people did have “free” elections, but the media narrative is that you need to vote for the political party that has been selected for you and its candidate. You may not particularly like the candidate you plan to vote for, but media had successfully spun that illusion so many people do not even look at the other choices outside of the one selected for them; that is strangling the whole election process without realizing the value of a ballot. After the General Elections of 2015, many candidates were re-elected to Parliament and many more entered through the National List unfit to be law makers; as the result, for many of them nothing had changed and they collaborated and continued to ruin the country. This is very visible watching news on TV or reading the newspapers or the electronic media. Lack of good governance is very apparent when one sees the number of occasions the head of state is called upon to resolve matters arising from the many misdeeds of persons in authority.

Today after almost two years it is clear the good governance is only an illusion and it’s time to break out of this illusion. The people had demanded for constitutional reforms and accountability from the government to addresses the grievances of the people affected by the civil war. The failure of the government to provide good governance has not helped the country’s economy to recover from its bankrupt status reached in 2015; nor prevent the foreign intervention that began with the end of the civil war. The people do not wish to see the country drop back into the deep hole it was in prior to 2015 Elections; if the two leaders can put their minds together and act together to provide good governance the country could recover and free itself of any foreign interventions. The two leaders have an opportunity now to fast tract both political and economic activities to get the country out of the present rot; it is the best route available to them; than pursuing with their present inwards looking plans to prepare their own political parties to face each other at the next general elections. Only by spending the next two years addressing the issues of the people, the two leaders will be able to present better credentials for their own political parties; and provide a fair and transparent electoral system devoid of interference and violence allowing the people to have “free” choice to elect at the next General Elections whom they want as their legislators.