Could TNA leader stop ‘House’ rattling!


Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to stop the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) or for that matter anyone from within or outside rattling the ‘House’ of TNA Alliance, the Leader of the Opposition as the leader of the TNA should take the quote from the German-born physicist Albert Einstein, to show his strength to guide ‘TNA’ the great Tamil political machinery and forgive those who are rocking the ‘House’ of the alliance, their symbol and that of the Illankai Tamil Arachu Katchchi (ITAK), which is the TNA’s main constituent party.

The novice intelligent leader should let the four political parties in the alliance to face the people at the forth coming elections with their own party symbol without the TNA cover; for both the Eastern and Northern provinces Tamil voters are intelligent enough to pick the right candidate to cast their votes. This would give the opportunity for the people to choose the best candidate irrespective of their political affiliations and at the same time fulfil the best advice given by respected personality in the Chief Minister of the Northern Province, who has said the current leaders of the Tamil community must guide ‘TNA’ the great Tamil political machinery from behind the scenes. The TNA leader should do so for the Provincial Council elections, referendum on the New Constitution and any other elections to be held before the General Elections in 2020.

The respected TNA leader should follow this path, to overcome the internal struggle and create a condition for the four political parties in the alliance to work as a single force to help the other political parties in the constitution assembly to know exactly what the TNA wants for their people included in the New Constitution, without putting wool over anyone’s eyes, for that is a common accusation of those who complain about the TNA leadership at present, both from within and outside the alliance.

The Provincial Council system conceived in 1987 is expected to be reflected in the New Constitution with all vagueness removed, for that made the implementation process more difficult for successive governments. Therefore, it is obligatory for the constituent political parties in TNA to work together as a team under their leader to come to terms with other political parties of the Tamil speaking communities in the two provinces in particular on the merger issue; for they must get it into their heads that even if the Unity Government was willing to merge the provinces with or without any external intervention as happened in 1987; the bonding will not last long without the full support of the Tamil speaking communities supporting the other political parties not in the alliance. Only such a united effort will stop anyone from within or outside rattling the ‘House’ of TNA Alliance and keep the alliance together to face the next general elections under the new constitution of an undivided island nation.