Sri Lankan politicians must learn lessons fast if they are to serve their people better

In Sri Lanka, on the face of it everything seems normal, for that is the way the administration works or have been for many decades with irrational and racist people taking charge of the governments and has been the course for all the problems in the country, two insurgencies from the south and a civil-war in the north engulfing the east that impacted the whole country for over three decades to take the country to shamble it is today and what is more the corrupt administration is using the weakness to its advantage the past two years as the Unity Government is trying to clean up the country of corruption to bring the country back to prosperity. 

Save the country

All because one bright politician in the fifties introduced the language policy overnight to get power; he sure did get the power he was seeking to become head of state. But was bright enough to realise it was a mistake, not for introducing the change or for antagonising the minorities which he did and lost his life in the process of rectifying the mistake was all history of this tiny island ruled by tiny minded politicians. But this bright politician turned head of state in all his humbleness told his counterpart during a state visit to Malaysia on becoming the Prime Minister; not to make the same mistake when Malaysia decided to replace English with Malay as the official language. By then our bright leader had realised that it takes time to have an administration capable of working in Malay and told the Malaysian Prime Minister to give time for the transition. Malaysian Leader was wise enough to take the advice and gave his people sixteen years for the transition and that paid off and with a much smoother transfer over took Sri Lanka in no time and is today a developed nation; is a good lesson for politician of any country to keep in mind.

It was reported by the Speaker of the House that a party leaders meeting will be convened on January 22 to decide what action needs to be taken on the Bond Commission and the PRECIFAC reports handed over to the Parliament. The Parliament had received 26 copies of the Bond Commission report and copies of the 34 reports of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate and Inquire into Serious Acts of Fraud, Corruption and Abuse of Power, State Resources and Privileges (PRECIFAC) and the Speaker had received only English copies of the report and had requested the Presidential Secretariat to provide them with Sinhala and Tamil translations as soon as possible; because according to Standing Orders, copies in all three languages should be given to the members. The Presidential Secretariat has hand the reports to the Official Languages Department for translations and have said they do not know how long it will take for the process as it contains more than 10,000 pages. Therefore the Speaker has said the date for the debate on the report and future action would be decided at the party leaders meeting on January 22.

In Sri Lanka, it is more than sixty years since English ceased to be the official language of the country and yet our administration is unable to work in the new official languages that has been in operation for many decades. This gives a good example of how the opponents of the government are able to delay the effort to clean up the administration of corruption and giving it as an excuse at the LG polls meetings to unseat the government. But people should be wise and vote correctly at the LG polls to support the effort of the President and his government, who are attempting to make the change to serve the people.