New Year resolutions for Lankan rulers

National New Year 2018

Northern Breeze wish all followers a Happy and Prosperous National New Year. As Sri Lankans observe their National New Year today with their government set to continue to its full term that ends in 2020. The rulers as the servants of the people should resolve to accomplish two outstanding pledges they made to the people in 2015 to take legal action against the corrupt politicians and take comprehensive steps to restore reconciliation between the Sinhala and Tamil communities.  

A good start was the releasing of 650 acres of land in Jaffna peninsula to the original owners on the eve of the National New Year by the Army and after three decades giving civilian access to use the Ponnalai-Point Pedro costal road that was in the high security zone for over three decades due the civil war and a decade of negative peace years. In addition, the change of mind from the President to reappoint the same governor for Northern Province at the request of the Chief Minister to prevent disruption to the development works in progress, needs to be completed before their term end.

The government should continue with the national development plan and at the same time attend to the many issues needing resolution, which include expediting the political discussions to bring about a negotiated settlement for the Tamil national problem; renewing the dormant Constitution making process to enact a new Constitution; return of rest of private lands in the North and East provinces still occupied by the armed forces; release of all political prisoners; tracing the whereabouts of persons made to disappear during the war; employment opportunities for youths giving preference to those already resident in the areas over non-residents when making government service appointments; appointment of Tamil-speaking administrators in all state establishments; prioritising development projects in all provinces by giving consideration to proposals made by MPs of the provinces.

In return Sri Lankans living in all corners of the globe should in this National New Year season go beyond sharing of meals and festivities by resolving to reciprocate by working towards religious and ethnic unity in diversity support their government policies and plans to build a new Sri Lanka with all-inclusive society that is peaceful and just. All possible if they don’t get carried away by the greedy politicians of all shades and colour that is waiting on the side lines to derail the government elected by the people.