Investigate all stray incidents and punish the guilty is a practical problem for Sri Lankan rulers!

Sri Lankan President, the senior most government politician in the country at the final phase of the war in May 2009, as the acting Defence Minister was directing the security forces for two weeks was technically correct in saying that any government is committed to safeguard honour, dignity and respect its war heroes. But with the same breath has said that one of the expectations during the last Presidential election campaign was that there were incidents that had occurred during the civil-war, as well as after the conflict not related to war which should not be forgotten. 

Nobody is above the Law

Nobody is above the Law in Democracy

True it is a practical problem acknowledged by him, for which there should be investigations on these stray incidents and guilty be punished. There were also some more such incidents outside the war field, they too should be brought before the law and mistakes rectified, for such actions would honour the real war heroes. The progress made in the past three years does not give any hope in particular to those Sri Lankans, who too are against any foreign power exerting any influence on the country.

The President in his address to the 73rd Session of the United Nations General assembly did confirm that his government would safeguard the honour and respect for the war heroes and requested others to respect and allow Sri Lankan people to solve their own problems comes not as a surprise anyone; but it is to be seen how his administration deals with the said investigations to protect the honour of their Motherland. Perhaps the law makers should grow out of their past negative mindset, get out of petty politics and work for the benefit of the whole country.