Selecting the right candidate!

Dear citizens of Sri Lanka, use your vote wisely at the Presidential Election due in December 2019.

For the Presidential Election in December 2019, the selection of candidate is not going to be at the sole discretion of any single political party, instead it will be decided by the alliance formed by the major political parties – an amalgam of many minority parties.

Bitter Truth is Sri Lankans are so bankrupt to find a suitable national to contest the forthcomming Presidential Election, that one leading political party has to beg a foreigner to renounce citizenship.

A prominent religious leader has even put his conditions to meet Presidential hopefuls to show disapproval on how the state is governed in the recent past.

What is more the leading political party representing the Tamil minorities living in North East have left it to the Majority parties to decide who will be their Presidental candidate and then back the probable winner in the race for presidency.

Though many names have been poping up in the media as possible candidates; none have the backbone to openly come out and declare that they would serve the whole nation as one, yet they expect people to unite.

Ironically they are not committing or willing to find a solution to the ethnic problem, opting to put the issue on shelf till after the election and picked it up when an issue popup in the future. This unstatesmanship stance leaves most patriots to accept the age old saying that only God can save Sri Lanka!

Thamby Ramar