Sajith Premadasa is fit to be the next President!

As the country awaits political parties to announce their candidate to vote as President at the next presidential election due at the end of the year. The best candidate is Sajith Premadasa and his party and the public should give him an opportunity to take Sri Lanka back to its glory days. Sri Lanka needs a young, energetic and visionary president who does not have any racial or religious bias, such as Sajith Premadasa. What is more Sajith has the blessings of most of UNP membership and should be elevated above party politics to obtain support of the minority parties to project as a national leader to become the next President. This will no doubt secure National Security of the nation.

That will enable Ranil to continue as Primer and lead his party and the new alliance to be formed DNF to victory at the next General Election. That will ensure National Development to serve the whole nation.