What next for TNA the largest minority party in Sri Lanka!

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has to decide whom to support at the next presidential election. The TNA who represent the affected people in the two provinces, who with the rest of the people in the country were relieved when the guns were silenced to end the brutal war in May 2009. For nobody was in favor of the cruel civil war of three decades that brought them only destruction and misery, more so the supporters of TNA who were most demoralized by the war. When the war was over the TNA had expected the rulers to resolve the post war issues of the people, demobilize the surplus security forces and begin to reconstruct the war battered war zones; at the same time replace the draconian constitution with a new constitution. Regrettably, the rulers who embraced politics with religion had different plans that resulted in the people living in the previous war zones living with negative peace for over a decade. Though TNA has previously supported the United National Party (UNP) led alliance candidates at many Presidential elections and this time it will not happen automatically. There is no rush as the UNP is yet to nominate its presidential candidate, but this time the affected people expect TNA to take up the grievances faced by them with all the probable presidential candidates individually with the view to resolve all the war related issues to enable lasting peace in these previous war zones. In addition, TNA needs to know where these candidates stand on the constitution, their thoughts on devolution of power as a political solution to the ethnic problem, etc.

‘No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again’ – Buddha. However, fact remains that if one side extends the hand of friendship, the other side also needs to reciprocate to make the effort a success. The people of Sri Lanka therefore awaits to see how the probable presidential candidates react to the demands of TNA, more so the minorities living in all round the island.