Why is TNA leadership on a wild goose chase?

A lesson for all politicians including those of the TNA

Today the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leadership remains confused, divided and guilty of their declining constituencies as in all previous post-war presidential elections; is planning to travel overseas on a foolish and hopeless search in pursuit of something unattainable. True there are some hopeful presidential candidates in the race only to divide votes to prevent their opponents getting over the necessary 51% of the votes to win the presidency. This was expected in a country whose legislature is top heavy with veterans leading many divided political parties all struggling for power; whereas with the Sinhala Buddhist majority practicing Buddha Dharma the country could have kept all ethnic and religious communities united and retained its position at independence in 1948 as a leading nation in the region. Sadly, today due to misgovernment by successive greed rulers, who collectively over seven decades divided communities by giving priorities only to the Sinhala Buddhist majority. With this divide and rule policies the state not only failed to optimize the available human and natural resources that not only divided the nation, but also left it in heavy debts. While the whole country is looking for a younger able leader to take out of its present mess, the TNA leadership is planning a trip to India to put pressure on probable presidential candidates to solve the issues of their people and on implementation in full the 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord. It was the same TNA leadership that forgot India by allowing itself to be distracted for four long years by the West’s talks of ‘accountability issues’ and related ‘war crimes’.

As the country awaits major political parties to announce their candidate to vote at the next presidential election due at the end of the year, it appears that the most appropriate among the probable candidates is Sajith Premadasa. For many decades with the age old mindset of being biased towards the majority community the rulers have ignored the needs of the economic, ethnic and religious minorities, whereas Sajith Premadasa has come to realize that a holistic rule is the only answer to solve the ills of the nation. His track record of socially uplifting development is certainly confirms that he is capable of going beyond UNP – the Grand Old Party’s base vote and break into the Opposition vote base. Thus given the opportunity is almost certain to democratically secure the national security of the island nation by implementing a programme of growth with equity and patriotism with pluralism to serve the whole nation.

Earlier at the time of independence in 1948, Sri Lanka was called Ceylon  had a secular constitution that was effective up to 1972; but the rulers made up of hardliners, radicals and fundamentalists never missed the opportunity to work around it and finally took that fateful step to replace the secular constitution.  There was no popular demand in the 1970’s to change the secular nature of the constitution, to give a special place to Buddhism; yet the constitution was changed for political convenience, at a time when economic considerations were paramount for the people. Sri Lanka the little island nation has dropped from a leading to a most muddled up nation in the region. In the middle of last century on gaining independence and without a statesmen to lead them the home grown rulers relied heavily on the trade earnings from western nations for survival and as a sovereign nation played a lifeless role in the international arena.

Of all the probable presidential candidates Sajith Premadasa has made it known openly that he would approach the problems of all the communities and solve them within a united nation. On devolution has said would give maximum devolution within a unitary state, TNA leadership should take the subject of devolution and other issues of their grieved people to him, with the view to get them resolved and implement them under his leadership. It is a better proposition for TNA leadership than going overseas on a wild goose chase.