Uplifting of Point Pedro Harbour

The Point Pedro fisheries harbor is to be upgraded with modern facilities to enable deep sea fishing boats and barges to be docked secured from bad weathers experienced frequently and unload fish harvested from the sea. The fisheries harbor at Point Pedro is to be renovated with the financial support Asian Development Bank in order to improve the livelihood of the fishermen, as part of the Northern Province Sustainable Fisheries Development Projects. A total of eight fishery harbours each in the Jaffna and Mannar districts, six fishery harbours in the Mullativu district and three in the Kilinochchi district had been identified as those that require repairs and aims to provide livelihood opportunities in the Northern peninsula.

Present View of Point Pedro Harbour Jetty Area

The harbor will be expanded to accommodate 300 large fisheries trawlers at a time with a basin area of 18.6 hectares and breakwaters at 880 meters and 480 meters and consist of an ice and cool storage facilities, a trawler repair center, unloading of the fish harvest and the safety handling of modern fisheries trawlers in the world. The Fisheries Harbour will have facilities to acquire equipment for trawlers, sale of fish, processing of fishing nets, trade stalls, places for meetings and discussions and coastguard services. To unload fish harvest and to load fuel and other items, with vessel repairs, ice and cold storage facilities, equipment for vessels, sale of fish, mending of nets, shops, meeting room facilities and provision of coast guard services.

 Thamby Ramar

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