Divided Sri Lanka will fall!

Supporting UNP the Grand Old Party is the best option for all Lankan minorities!

At various times since the country gained independence in 1948 all the minority communities in Sri Lanka, have endured humiliation and many other adversaries to say the least. Today they are getting prepared with the rest of the country for the Presidential Elections to be held next month. The largest minority the Tamils in particular were at the receiving end of most of the challenges committed by the rulers. Today to regain their lost rights the Tamils have to wisely select and vote for the best candidate to be the next President . Thus while working in earnest for the prosperity of the island nation, it is prudent for the Tamils to consider voting for Sajith. For Sajith is the only candidate who has not only acknowledged the rights of the Tamils, but have also declared in public that if elected would give maximum devolution that Tamils are prepared to accept within an undivided country.

For over the past seven decades the country had to endure much trials and tribulations; all began with United National Party (UNP) the grand old party in power. Now, it is encouraging to see that the same party leadership is thinking out of the box to select a young leader in Sajith, as its Presidential candidate to steer the country forward in the next 15-20 years.  Further it appears that UNP has adopted policy proposals at its convention last week as its name implies for ‘unity’ having eventually managed to overcome the differences and obstacles, due to the strong unity within the party.

Further for continuity of its current policies the UNP working committee has been wise to retain Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as leader of the party. This is the best arrangement that would elevate Sajith as the Head of State to be above party politics; a good practice the republican constitution should have adopted from day it was first introduced many decades ago to make it fit for all without limiting the position for the benifit of the party in power. Bitter Truth is the much condemned and criticized presidency system was long promised to be abolished to the people by all including UNP, except its founder, the first Executive President.

Today there are many in the field contesting to become the next president, but only three candidates will receive bulk of the votes to leave the rest as also ran candidates. Of the three probable candidates at the top the UNP deputy leader Sajith Premadasa stands out, is capable of resolving the issues such power devolution, reform of the electoral system and continuation of the constitutional reform process begun by the present government, including reform of the Executive Presidency, as they were all adopted at the special party convention.

The Tamils with issues caused by the civil-war still left unresolved are not out of the woods in terms of the their struggle for lost rights to bar them to live as equal citizens and preventing the country to be united. Considering that under the existing system it is not possible to field a winning candidate Tamils have no alternative but vote for a candidate likely to win and it is Sajith who stands out in the pack! Tamil National Alliance (TNA) as the major Tamil party holding the largest numbers in the present legislature should advise its voters to use their vote wisely and continue supporting UNP, the Grand Old Party, as it is the best option left for all the minorities in an undivided Sri Lanka.