Lesson for all Lankan!

Bridge across from India

Watching the above video throws more light on the epic Ramayana, that it is part of real history and not a mythology, for Ravana was an ancient Hindu King of Lanka yet another confirmation that Hinduism was practiced in Lanka from much earlier times a fact majority in this island nation fail to admit for political reasons. It is also a fact that Buddhism was introduced to the country later and there were many Tamils followers of Buddhism, a fact Tamils don’t wish to acknowledge for political reasons. Further Islam and Christianity were introduced much later and all four religions are today practiced widely throughout the Island; thus Sri Lankans are privileged to have top four religions practiced in our country.

Bitter Truth is all Sri Lankan are born to one of these four religions, yet majority of them do not know what was preached to them by these great religions, in particular the politicians are ignorant of the teachings of their faith. Yet the same politicians use it as a tool to achieve their goals; visit their places of worship with media present just to impress their vote bank. No wonder the country is in a mess, that was once a paradise.

Lankan need to understand the fact that none of these four religions need any propping up and nothing is superior to the other; its only the backbone less rulers who need propping up to continue their corrupt activities that is ever growing since the day greedy rulers made it a republic that gave prominence to Buddhism. Whereas Buddhism would have gained prominence anyway under democracy and religions need not influence politics as in Lanka; sooner its citizens realize it the better. Feasible under a holistic rule possible only  with a change in the mindset to keep this multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation united.