‘Now go and sin no more’ applies to Lankan politicos !

Sri Lankan vote wisely to elect correct people to politics or else face the consequences

“Now go and sin no more’ applies equally well to many of the Sri Lankan politicians for they all have sinned during their extended stay in parliament “By hook or by crook” or by any means necessary to retain power or regain lost power. This is seen clearly from the events taking place in the country after it was declared that election shall be held next month to select a new President. Many politicians are guilty of sin accumulated in the past four years, for all politicians discussed reforms needed for devolution of power within a unitary Sri Lanka, but when the time came to get it passed in parliament they all found reasons to sin by not accomplishing the promise made to the people in 2015 to devolve power without dividing the country. Their sins blinded them and today they accuse the government of failure; having preventing them to do what is right for the country, knowing well that the final decision on constitutional reforms rested with Parliament. While the people are waiting to vote at the forthcoming election, these sinner politicians are dispersed in all parts of the country to confuse the people more, thereby secure their seats at the next parliamentary sittings than to select a suitable President. For these sinners fear that if people vote wisely, the elected new president will induce people to vote again wisely at the next General Election to push them out for ever to the wilderness.

Sri Lankan have to vote wisely to elect a capable Head of State at the next month Presidential Election to convey the past sinners a clear message ‘go and sin no more’ to give much needed peace a chance to take the country out of poverty. Thereafter vote in a government with a parliamentary majority at the General Election next year to get the constitutional reforms together with the economic and social reforms to take Sri Lanka to the status of a developed country.