TNA should allow Sri Lankan Tamils …..

….to vote for the best candidate OF THEIR CHOICE !

All political parties representing the minorities in parliament, except for the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) have aligned with one or other of the two leading candidates. TNA indecision in spite of having in the past four years given unconditional support through ‘thick and thin’ to the present government from 2015, does not surprise those who have been following them. TNA is hesitant to support the candidate put forward by the government, in spite of Sajith conceding that both religious and sectarian conflicts have in the past prevented country going forward and made his stance clear telling TNA in advance that as President would resolve issues of all minorities, appreciating that the ethnic issues of the minorities need a rational, objective solution. But TNA alliance members are cautious as Sajith has behind him the ‘same old gang’ that failed to deliver to them its promises made prior to the 2015 elections. Today the Tamils in North and East who voted for TNA are indifferent to them and in fact two political parties have since left the alliance.

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The reality is that in order to successfully address minority grievances, the next president need the backing of the majority community, possible if they votes for him on November 16. At present both Sajith Premadasa and Gotabaya Rajapaksa enjoy widespread support in the majority community and as the two leading presidential candidates the winner will be decided on who receives most of these votes. With this scenario and as there are no winners in the 35 remaining candidates contesting the election, only those able to “speak to their hearts” of the Sajith or Gotabaya will know after either of them winning the Presidential Election will resolve various issues faced by minority communities. As such all political parties in particular the TNA should let the people go out and cast their vote to the best candidate of the two, for the whole country wants someone who will rule the whole country and not just one community as in the past, ever since the executive president system was introduced in 1978.