A message from Sri Lankan Tamils to gentleman Sajith!

A Royal Gentleman and a real Buddhist

Sri Lanka had a peaceful Presidential Election as 80% of nearly 16 million registered electors opted to exercise francize to elect their new President, but they failed to elect the most reform oriented candidate Sajith Premadasa; who paid the price for being under a power hungry corrupt leadership, who feared his reforms has prevented more votes been drawn to him from its vote bank to deny the country of a real Buddhist Gentleman becoming its President. Earlier Sri Lankan played a decisive role in 2015, when a monk Venerable Maduluwave Sobitha Thera forced a wind of change that set a new political path to rescue the people from their self-destructive dive towards authoritarianism. In the just concluded Presidential Election, than waste their vote to elect a candidate not to their liking, the Tamil speaking communities living in North and East provinces reinforced their participation to over 80% to vote for Sajith, to increase voter turnout compared to 2015 that recorded in both provinces.

Venerable Maduluwave Sobitha Thera

Earlier, the Tamil speaking minorities living throughout the country were disillusioned with the final winner, due to his refusal to discuss the collective positions taken by their political leaders. In spite of all these developments the Tamil speaking communities in Northeast conveyed a clear message by voted for Sajith, who was following the political path laid for the whole country prior to the 2015 presidential polls by the monk Sobitha Thera, to enable all communities to live in a united undivided country. This was correctly acknowledged earlier by the political leaders of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), in spite of a sense of distrust after experiencing disappointments over the performance of the Sinhalese-Buddhist elite with its devoted coalition partners in the Unity Government, who had failed over the past four years. 

Majority of Sri Lankans opted for Sajith, the candidate whose election manifesto was progressive on furthering democratic reforms, with key considerations for continuation of the constitutional reform process, power-sharing and reconciliation commitments respecting international treaties and resolutions. Majority of these communities were counseled by their own political leaders to select Sajith, as the better of the two major contenders after giving careful consideration to the political formations and agendas that would enable Sri Lanka to restart and broaden its reform and accommodative agenda. Sajith’s victory would have produced a more democratic Sri Lanka that is respectful of human rights is a worthy goal to achieve for all its citizens; particularly for the minorities such democratic framework offers more space and opportunities for furthering their interests.

Sajith did not mislay Democracy, it was the country that lost it; minorities are not at lose, but without you lost human value; poor people did not misplace a leader, it’s money that has won the Day. You will remain in many hearts, don’t mislay your coolness for opportunities will come to lead this country as you are still young.

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