(De)ethnicizing Buddhism to ensure national security in Sri Lanka

Northern Breeze has referred to Buddhism in Jaffna and other areas of the North in some of its posts. Attached is a study paper from Suren Raghavan, the past Governor of Northern Province is a good read, its abstract reads as follows:

“Some years ago, Buddhism was growing and attracting many people across the world for the philosophy it had to offer. But such interest has been tarnished by the protracted ethnonational violence seen in many prominent Buddhist states. This short paper argues that Buddhist societies have fallen victim of the global trend of consumption and ownership. Such attachments are primarily expressed in Buddhist nationalism and ethnic protectionism. Paper urges for a trans-ethnic identity amongst Buddhists that would enable Buddhism as an alternative worldview and working model for some of the urgent global issues beyond a given national or ethnic

Northern Breeze has stated in many earlier posts that the majority community dominated rulers by following Buddha’s Teachings could solve present Sri Lankan Crisis. It is the wish that the new rulers will do just that to put ethnonational violence into history never to return would remove all political external interference into the affairs of the country to secure national security the New President promised.