Sri Lankan want solutions first to climate, democracy needs and inequality issues

In Sri Lanka a well conducted election gave a new president and a small care taker cabinet formed to govern the country till the General Election due in 2020. It follows after four years of rule by politicians biased to themselves, in conflict with spoon-fed authorities used to close government practice unwilling to follow instructions from politicians. It produced a self-created economic crisis combined with security crisis all caused the change of government.

Absence of a national plan from the rulers in particular for an agricultural production coupled with lack of awareness from the ruled on market demands limiting themselves to subsistence farming all contributed to the economic crisis in a country that was already in debt to many nations.

Further the lack of effort from the ruled to resolve the long standing ethnic related issues, with politicians dragging on with the preparation of a new constitution and other reforms all promised at election time all contributed to the down fall following the security crisis caused by their negligence.

Earlier, in spite of independent commissions to appoint heads of departments in place, the state authorities were not independent, complying with the request of their spoon-feeding politicians. With 2015 general election the masters who appointed them changed and these administrators used to close government practice not were not willing to follow instructions from the new ministers.

Add to these contributory factors were outdone by many corrupt actions involving politicians all contributed to end the rule of the Unity Government.

Once again Sri Lanka, gets yet another chance to come out of the mess and people from all parts of the country as the ruled needs, with a fresh mind to support the new rulers to make it resolve all preliminary issues during the interim period, before General Election in 2020.

For Sri Lanka to come out of its present quandaries, people as the ruled support the new rulers under the leadership of the able President to resolve the said preliminary issues, before the next General Election. Thereafter, with the New Government formed deal with the larger issues of climate crisis, an inequality crisis and a crisis in democracy faced by the people, to provide a modern economy to deliver shared prosperity enabling the ruled to prosper within our planetary boundaries.