Can TNA bridge the Gap?

Possible if TNA play its role as Sole Representatives of the Tamils in the Real World

Sri Lanka doing well at the South Asian Games is a good development for the country under the leadership of a new president, facing the real world preparing to rule the country putting right people in right places to administer the country, refer to attached TV programme aired last night.
Face The Nation 09-12-2019 | Col3neg Television

But it still leaves the minorities, particularly the Tamil speaking people living in the previous war zones North and East of the country, who are still living in a dream world, hoping for a better life. More so those who got displaced by the three decades of civil-war unhappy with events in their country of birth, refer to the attached article written by Mr. Thambu Kanagasabai, President, The Tamil Canadian Elders for Human Rights Organization.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) should take the opportunity and accept the general invitation made by the New President to all political parties to support in the nation building efforts by his care taker government. TNA could help the New Ruler to bridge the gap where the ruled minorities wanting their issues resolved including devolution of power, while the government wants to assist first in their development activities. Thus resolving the issues of those, who keep sending TNA back to the parliament election after election, would earn the self proclaimed title as “Sole representatives of the Tamil speaking people”, at the same time ensure security of the island nation.