Trilingual Schools in every district was long overdue!

Will the government fulfill this long need in the country!

The Government plans to set up trilingual schools in every district in the country; a most appropriate proposition that was long overdue. In fact the rulers should have introduced it a generation, before the Official Language policy that came to effect overnight decades ago. This failure is what later gave rise to much suppress of uprisings; that dragged the whole country to a cruel civil war. The costly war lasted three decades, with loss of thousands of people and destruction of properties that pushed back the development of the country by five decades.

Earlier attempts were made to introduce the second language education in schools; but many schools were not provided with teachers knowledgeable enough to teach the second language.

Such facilities should be provided with devoted teachers to teach the language properly as norms and values and culture of the people speaking it to students in schools in order to create harmony and a just society. The creation of such schools would certainly help to rescue the youths from various communities from the present system of educating them for the sole purpose of employment.

In the ancient past, education in this country was linked to the village temple, but this system changed with the advent of the colonial rule. Subsequently, education was distanced from the temple.

Further, today there are schools in urban areas that encourage parents to allow their children during primary schooling years to follow education in the english media; a practice that must be discouraged. Whereas parents should take more interest and care in their children throughout their school career in order to ensure that they acquire both knowledge as well as social values in their mother tongue and learn the other official language in addition to learning English that is a link language.

With reconciliation that gained ground in the recent past attempts were made to teach all three languages at schools. But was not properly implimented to children due to step-motherly treatment of then government. It is the hope of the whole population that the present government will go ahead with the tri lingual education.