Sing the National Anthem with real feelings……!

Most Sri Lankans sing their National Anthem with real feelings irrespective of their ethnicity, this is possible because the lyrics are available in both official languages and is nothing new; but when little minded politicians insist otherwise saying that people should only sing it in the language of the majority community, it is bound to upset the feelings of the minority community.

…perhaps will take a holistic approach on it!

It is a common occurrence in Sri Lanka to see leaders struggle to sing the national anthem in public functions, perhaps because they have no real feelings or are not aware of the lyrics.

In this scenario, insisting that the minority communities should not sing the national anthem in their language is a negative proposition, for will be done without any real feelings.

On the other hand to make a issue out of this would only distance communities apart and delay the much needed reconciliation process in the country.

At the next independence day celebrations on 4th February the people irrespective of their ethnicity should all join in to sing the National Anthem with real feelings, for country should come before anything else; then it is possible to have unity in the country.