Uplift Sri Lanka to create togetherness and common bond among communities!

Urgency is to create the togetherness and the common bond as Sri Lankan

In 2019 to take their debt ridden country to richness Sri Lankan for the first time voted an administrator as their President; knowing well the new Head of State would need the support of the same legislature that served under the previous good governance regime that had governed them for almost five years. With the treasury unable to meet most of the government’s expenses and with all provisions of budget estimates approved spent already the President has a difficult period ahead to rule the little island nation.

With the entire economy crippled the agriculture sector faces the danger of being downgraded due to lack of adequate fertiliser for its crops. Failure to supply medicine to hospitals including the cancer hospital has paralysed free healthcare. More than half small and medium sized businesses are struggling to repay the bank loans obtained. Hundreds of tea factories have been distorted and are facing a severe credit crunch, while the neglected estate workers are waiting for an increase to their wages. While the Dollar has depreciated from 2015 to 2019, but is not reflected in tea prices. Earlier President committed to implement a new fiscal policy to reduce the budget deficit to below four percent and public debt by 70 percent by 2025 in his presidential election manifesto.

In Sri Lanka resurgence of Buddhism and Hinduism began under British rule following three centuries of suppression under colonial rule; with independence Buddhism was restored to its place of pride and Buddhist Sinhalese dominated the state; both Sinhala Language and Buddhism were given prominence ahead of other languages and religions. In a true democracy the language and religion of the majority community would have automatically surfaced to prominence with the one man one vote system in operation and the rest of the communities would have enjoyed freedom with checks and balance in the then constitution and that did happen within years of gaining independence in 1948. It would have lasted and country prospered if the Sinhala Buddhist rulers had practiced Ahimsa (Non Violence), Karuna (Compassion), Metta (Affection) and Maithriya (Loving-Kindness) towards fellow humans, irrespective of Race or Religion.

Bur ever since the country gained Independence, economy of this country has been mixed up with politics, whereas good economic policies result in good politics. Though many leading Buddhist Monks retained their dignity and full filled their role well; yet sadly most of the Buddhist-Sinhala legislators, who are power hungry never understand this basic concept, from time to time by their action have dragged these monks into petty politics for their gains and choose to puff racism by spewing hatred from the days of independence and the whole world knows its consequences. Bitter Truth is it was the majority community responsible for sending these faulty rulers repeatedly to and such actions have promoted ethno-religious hatred and brought disrepute to their profession as law makers.

In general, after independence the divine monks got openly undervalued by the currupt politicians for their advantage and it contributed to tarnish the image of the Buddhist monks and in general Buddhism. Fortunately, the President respecting the dignity has promised not to bring the divine monks into politics, but will continue to seek their role as advisers.

Thus today, every Sri Lankan in the country need to participate in a process without dirtying their personality in petty politics and extent their support to the President to create the togetherness and the common bond that once existed between the Sinhalese and Tamils is a very genuine way as it is very pertinent for the period. The corrupt law makers harping in the past will help none; hence people must come together and vote in quality legislators at the next General Election, only then the President will be able to resolve issues of the people and country will economically improve faster and return to prosperity sooner than latter.