How privileged are Sri Lankan parliamentarians!

Sri Lankan know only too well how privileged are their representatives, after all it is they who elected them at the polls.

Now that Sri Lanka is getting prepared for the next General Elections probably in April this year, all should watch the attached video. To realise how expensive it is for a debt ridden nation like Sri Lanka to maintain a large legislature that is overloaded with inefficient law makers compared to developed countries like Sweden.

Learn what happens in Sweden

Sri Lanka’s legislature will be more productive if the numbers are reduced by half and filled with quality law makers. The new President is capable of organising it if people demand it.

The least every SriLankan can do is to weedout all the bad candidates put forward by political parties at the next general election and cast their vote only to quality politicians of any political party of their choice. Then Sri Lanka will return to prosperity in five years under the leadership of the New President.