Migrating birds seen in Jaffna peninsula and in the nearby islands

Visiting flamingos at Valukai Aru!

After several years migratory birds including Flamingos are back again said to be from Australia and are seen in their numbers at the Valukai Aru basin area at Kallundai in the Jaffna peninsula and in island areas, south west of the peninsula.

Other migrating birds as Ash cranes, Sickle nosed cranes and Asian open bill cranes are to be found in these areas having flown long distances in large numbers and local people watch them with fascination.

The number of birds visiting the Northern areas was on a decline in the past few years. However these birds are seen again in the accumulated water areas in the lagoons in Jaffna peninsula and near the southern coastal Kallundai Road in the dry river bed that gets filled with rainwater, the ‘Valukai Aru’ basin and in the low lying areas and in islands from Allaipiddy to Naranthanai.

These are few of the many good spots for bird watching for tourists visiting Jaffna peninsula on a holiday during the wet season.