Purpose is more important than need!

Lessons for all to learn from Civil-War Victory that failed to bring any peace!

The above truth learned from Lord Buddha teachings, during a recent visit to the cave temple at Dambulla opened ones inner mind to realize the bitter truth that the civil-war that lasted over three decades in Sri Lanka, without purpose and vision was for provision finally brought to finish in 2009, failed to achieve real peace for the multi-ethnic and multi-religious island nation. At the initial stages the Tamil youths were purpose driven by the vision to secure a land area as their homeland; who for security of their life needed to resist every advances made by the state security forces. Whereas the security forces made up of new recruits had no purpose and lacked vision, considering it as a job to receive provisions like job, food,etc.

Then after years of fierce battles Tamil aggressors as grownup adults, managed to keep the security forces away from a considerable area of their homeland, where they began self rule, that gave them a false sense of security. Failure to accept reality that geopolitics has developed against them, Tamil militants missed many opportunities to negotiate with the government a settlement to sustain self rule as provided in the 13th Amendment to the constitution made in haste was half-baked. They rejected the Indo-Lanka Accord without proper vision opted on a separatist mission that lacked purpose, whereas they could have left the moderate politicians of the day to fully cook the amendment to the taste of all Sri Lankan.

While the war hardened mature security forces saw for the first time, their opponents separatist mission presented with a vision based purpose with an opportunity to fight and reclaim their lost territory at all costs. This took the fighting to a higher level with two sides well equipped for battle as the Tamil aggressors too acquired more arms and ammunition. Unfortunately, both sides got entangled in much atrocities committed on and off the battlefield, causing untold miseries to ordinary civilians in the country, more on those living in the war zones in North Eastern province. What happened thereafter is history now; as the bloody cruel war was brought to finish in 2009 with much assistance from friendly and powerful nations, causing more miseries been committed during the negative peace decade that followed up to 2019.

Whatever that the State has achieved, was at a heavy cost to the state and rulers had to empty country’s coffers to provide the security forces with more firearms and other military equipment has left Sri Lanka without unity and in debts. Further, it resulted in more international interference that UNHRC, an off shoot of UN to pass Resolutions against Sri Lanka. What is worse it was co-sponsored by the earlier unity government of Sri Lanka.

Referring to the withdrawal of Sri Lanka from UNHRC Resolutions, the President has said that no country has co-sponsored a resolution against itself in the UNHRC; this matter was explained to the international community and they have understood country’s position.  Further President has a mandate received from the people to ensure that the sovereignty and independence of Sri Lanka were not compromised.

Bitter Truth for the political opponents of President, here is a leader with a purpose driven vision, who is not chasing after provision without purpose, neither is he going for purpose that lack well drafted vision. Sri Lankan must not miss the opportunity to put an end to party politics that has ruined the country; instead they must all resolve to weed out all known faulty self-serving law makers, who failed to serve the people over many decades. Start to fill the vacancies thus created by voting in new good quality law makers, irrespective of which political party they support at the forthcoming general election. That will provide the President with the 2/3 majority he is seeking for any acts presented by his government for a vote, as the new collection of quality parliamentarians irrespective of which political party they represent will vote ‘yes’, after proper checks and balance debates.