A typical notice from the Health Authorities

At a time when most Sri Lankans are gearing up to Face Everything And Rise (FEAR) over COVID-19; all Sri Lankans should cooperate with the health authorities, then it would be possible to bring this crisis under control.

What to do under these circumstances!

Earlier a Sri Lankan accompanied by another traveled to Germany and on their return, found that his travelling companion was tested positive for the COVID19. However this man resisted attempts by the authorities to go into quarantine for more than three days, before he was finally taken to a government facility and tested positive.

This person’s actions were selfish and anti-social and authorities are now contemplating taking legal action against him. Because this person had resisted efforts to go to a government medical facility. Instead he consulted his personal doctor, a private hospital and then gone to a Chest Facility; caused a delay in placing him in quarantine and testing him.

Sri Lankan government current aggressive efforts to prevent community transmission of the COVID19 virus may have been necessitated by a delay in using an existing facility to quarantine travelers from corona virus hit countries.

When the government decided to quarantine passengers arriving from South Korea, Italy and Iran they chose the Leprosy Hospital at Hendala. The facility had been urgently prepared by the Army and was ready to accept travelers. But a huge protest broke out from local residents against the quarantine centre; who while agreeing that quarantine is essential, it is better to place it in a sparsely populated area rather than this densely populated area.

The decision to move away from the Hendala facility to the current quarantine centres in Kandakadu and Batticaloa took another two or three days. The delay in implementing strict quarantine ended up with 4,453 incoming travellers with or without symptoms entering society. Now teams of officers are looking for possible COVID19 patients who have slipped the net.

The local Public Health Inspectors were expected to keep tabs on these persons, and was added the muscle of the Military Intelligence services to search for these persons. Lockdown call for the whole country to be quarantined to prevent the further spread of the COVID19 virus is not easy, yet the authorities are investigating whether they have to isolate particular areas in the county. 

With many hundreds of Sri Lankans on pilgrimage tours locked out of the country, the President has advised authorities to gather information about their whereabouts, this was attended to promptly and a special flight has been arranged to bring them back home from India. While foreigners locked in have been given one month visa extension, as all commercial flights are cancelled from and to the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Listen to a valuable information on COVID-19 from a medical professional in relation to constraints arising from the virus situation in India;but it is also very much applicable to other countries, including Sri Lanka @

As this is a human caused disaster affecting many countries with in a short period of time; the fight against COVID-19 has kept the concerned authorities alert in the country. It is time for people to hope for the best and prepare for the worse and should extent their support to the authorities. At least keep away from crowded places and follow hygienic practices after going outdoors to get provisions.