Covid-19 lockdown Sri Lankans at home!

Sri Lankans have island wide curfew imposed from 6.00 pm Friday (20) till 6.00 am on Monday (23); it was done as a measure to control the spread of COVID-19 virus, a necessary step taken by the state to protect its people., that has in effect locked down families at home together for few days.

Whereas only a minute fraction of the population has contacted the virus, but it needs to be contained to protect rest of the population from getting it. Sri Lankan appreciating this simple truth and cooperate with the government for their own safety and well being of the others.

Fortunately, the USA has identified an existing drug named Hydrochloroquine that may help to control this virus still in trial stage and results are very encouraging; but probably take a while to have it in the local markets. Also there are many research work going on to find a suitable vaccine to overcome this virus, may be available in the market in a year or so.