Update on COVID-19 Virus outbreak!

Total Infected cases increased to 91, it include the Chinese Woman, who returned back to China after recovery .On a happy note the First Sri Lankan Corona virus infected patient, the 52-year-old tour guide has completely recovered and was discharged from the IDH.

Do a decontamination cycle when leaving home after curfew – Notice in the Daily News, keep six feet from other people:

  • Do not touch your face – especially the mouth, nose or eye areas.
  •  Wash your hands for 20 seconds each time with soap and water as frequently as possible.
  • Carry whatever you brought home to a specific area. Wash whatever you need to use immediately, and set it aside to dry in a clean area.
  • Strip off your clothes and put them directly in the laundry. Take a shower and put on clean clothes.
  • Your 14 day countdown starts over for your entire household every time anyone goes out to a populated place. Keep tabs on everyone’s health and update your calendar.

The President sets up a fund to combat COVID-19 in Sri Lanka; fund named as the ” COVID-19 Health Care and Social Security Fund ” : PMD- newsfirst.lk

Beware of danger in your kitchen!

While Sri Lankans are going through hard times to make sure they are safe from this deadly virus; the opposition politicians were stoking fears among the general public over the availability of funds to combat COVID-19 and are making all attempts to sabotage the government’s efforts.

This comes at a critical time as there are elements in society who are taking advantage of the situation for their own reasons as seen by the irresponsible action of a Pastor from Switzerland.

There is an opinion circulating among the people in north that the Pastor arrival to under developed northern region of the island was to exploit the plight of many people, who are struggling to cope with the corona virus epidemic; further investigations are needed to find out if there were any political or religious motives behind this event.

For gathering at Ariayalai in Jaffna peninsula included many from other four districts in the Northern Province. Already over two hundred persons who attended this sermon have been identified and are put under observation for two weeks; the authorities are still looking for many more who were present at this gathering.