China you did it, congratulations!

China exhibited solidarity and with high technology in place managed to come out of COVID-19 crisis, within in a relatively short period. View the full video and do give credit it deserve!

Whereas SriLanka without all that high technology in place, it would be a real challenge. Yet all credit to our health services and other sectors assisting them such as the tri forces, the control the spread of the COVID19 virus has been effective, battle is not over. To reach the objectives the country need solidarity and support of every SriLankan.

With an administrator as Head of State, who has managed to cross many barriers including party politics it is possible to win this battle too.Let everyone just follow the lockdown request of the health authorities and exhibit solidarity in isolation. Then we too will be able to come out of this crisis! God Bless All, no matter which religion you practice or what language you speak for the COVID19 Virus you are just simply another human body to reside.

This is a wake up call to all SriLankans. Do get on with your lockdown program without a break, with or without the curfew in place. Leave the rest to the said able authorities by supporting their plan of isolation. Only then the country will receive the National New Year without the COVID19 Virus. GOD BLESS YOU!