Wake up for Covid-19 containment is in the hands of the people!

As new COVID-19 cases keep popping up still, the public lockdown should be careful and observe lock down and maintain social distance of one meter at all times, when venturing out each time curfew gets lifted for there can be infected persons in society. For this situation is expected to go on for weeks than days.

Breathing steam many times does wonders!

Also for more information watch the attached videos @ https://youtu.be/y96l8zdLhus; where Pujya Swami Swaroopananda speaks of our interconconnectedness with the world around us and offers guidance on lleading a life of substance through inspired service.

Listen to the Sound of a Pandemic! DoReMi – COVID 19 version and https://youtu.be/MMBh-eo3tvE

The World Health Organization has recommended one meter as the virus is likely to fall down within a meter instead of floating around. But make sure you remove your footwear as you get indoors and get your clothes washed and hand washing is advocated to stop germs from moving to the face after touching such surfaces. End of the day containment of the virus is in your hands; even though the health authorities, well supported by the security forces are doing a good job.