COVID-19 too will pass, but many poor people in Sri Lanka need care!

Sutha Boss team distributing dry ration to a needy woman headed family Moolai inJaffna peninsula, Sri Lanka

At present the whole world is reeling from COVID-19 pandemic, with some more than others; the general rule is simply to lock-down at home, following the instructions of the authorities. The recommendations to get over the pandemic is to isolate our self from news about the virus, for everything one needs to know is already known. Also not to look for additional information on the Internet, as it would weaken one’s mental state. Most importantly, firmly believing that this crisis shall also pass and we will be safe!

With the measures taken by the health authorities, ably supported by the tri-forces to prevent contacting the covid-19 virus flu, most of the population in Sri Lanka, in particular those living in urban areas are blessed. Of these people with a regular income are able to purchase all provisions that get delivered to the door and have cash to pay or make payments by debit card.

Whereas, with lockdown in place, there are many people who have lost their daily wages and are needing help, have joined those millions who are unable to get a square meal a day are living without any income, that includes the poor rural communities among the populations in the north., this is a disaster for a small nation facing recession.

The government has begun issuing dry rations, but is taking place with gaps, due to a depleted workforce naming the establishments involved. As such it is not reaching every family that needs it, and many are unable to get a square meal a day. The cabinet has discussed the possibility of providing Rs. 5000/- monthly allowance to these 4 million people with no direct income. But even if it gets implemented, it will take a while to filter down to these millions of people mainly in rural areas of the country. At least for their sake the crisis must be brought to finish soon!

It is very encouraging to see many civil minded people getting together in villages to organize cooked meals or provide dry rations to families without any income. It needs the support of larger organization to make it a success!

But the demand far exceed the supply from these civil groups, considering that they take all the risk to venture out from their homes to procure provisions needed for cooked meals or dry rations. Many appreciating the need have come forward with financial contributions, unfortunately here again the need is far in excess is like feeding an elephant with pop corns ://

In this scenario, it is best for the government to take this problem into consideration and take appropriate action sooner than later to avoid more disasters!