COVID-19 caused isolation difficulties, learn from Nelson Mandela!

Nelson Mandela, a great leader  of our time lived in isolation for 27 years during one of the most difficult and complex conflicts of the twentieth century. But came out of it strong, that enabled him to lift his people to freedom in South Africa, emulating few great leaders as Lincon and Gandhi of earlier years.

Today recording the loss of a fifth valuable life in Sri Lanka, people are concerned about COVID19 virus getting into their system and the isolation imposed causing more difficulties to them. While the authorities want every one to be locked down at home in isolation for own safety of the people.

Sri Lankans are fortunate to have a responsible leader as Head of State, who is able to keep the COVID19 outbreak under control. Made possible due to the dedication of the health authorities, who are fully supported by tireless tri-forces and the police. Further his government is making sure that people are able receive their provisions in the curfew period.

Though many in urban areas are fine with this arrangement of provisions delivered to the door; not are those in remote corners of the country, who are still facing problems getting their provisions due to the imposed curfew. So much so there are millions spread all round the island, who are unable to get a square meal a day without an income and for them the crisis must be brought to finish sooner than late.

In this scenario the crisis could only end if all follow the conditions imposed by the health authorities to make sure the isolation is maintained for at least for few more weeks than months or more.

True the government is doing all it can to both control the spread of COVID-19 virus and at the same time provide dry rations to the four millions of people living, not knowing how long it would take before their life returns to normal.

Perhaps if every person in this island nation now isolated from the rest of the world lock themselves in their home for another 27days accepting all the lockdown orders of the authorities; as Nelson Mandela did for 27 dark years in Robben Island many moons ago. Then all will be able to comeout of lockdown to breath fresh air!