Sri Lankan must follow lockdown rules and belt up to prepare for the long Economic recession!

Buk Full Moon Poya Day!

The whole world is impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and each country has reacted differently as no historical records exist on applicable treatment is an unprecedented situation and it’s a learning curve as no one claims total knowledge or has a complete answer.

In Sri Lanka the health authorities make a risk assessment on every patient admitted to designated hospital in the area for diagnosis. When the doctors suspects coronavirus infection is possible, the patient will be sent to the special care unit in the district. There supportive medication is provided to the affected patient and kept under observation in isolation for 14 days. Under such special medicare, usually patients recover and are sent home on full recovery and advised 14 days of isolation and follow the regulations applicable under shutdown.

Thus in the short-term our health system has coped well with the outbreak, with shutdown of vulnerable areas; but in the long run, a total lockdown is not sustainable as both the human and economic costs are incalculable without the benefit of experts.

Six Chair Professors of Medicine (and Specialist Physicians) in Sri Lanka have expressed their opinion on an exit strategy from the current COVID-19 lockdown in Sri Lanka, recommending the current level of restriction should continue for now and be reviewed after the National New Year among others. The current level of restriction shall continue and be reviewed after this National Day.

All the Buddhist temples across the country were seen deserted today on Bak Full Moon Poya Day due to the curfew imposed islandwide and the social distancing policy in force due to coronavirus pandemic. Accepting medical advise the government is expected to advise people to observe the National New Year and hold prayers from their homes as the present lockdown will continue beyond the New Year Day on 13 April 2020.