COVID-19 convenient distraction for politicians!

Salute dedicated services of men and women!
While observing a low key New Year let’s say a special prayer for these brave Sri Lankans.

In our planet the air pollution and environmental degradation seen for many years are the result of growth and development, executed without due consideration to environment. A huge price was paid and people are still suffering from this and as predicted by many environmental experts that would end up killing us. As clearly confirmed by the present COVID-19 Virus pandemic.

For many decades Sri Lankans wanted to imitate the West and now the politicians in the US and Western Europe are seeking to distract from their own disastrous mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic, has picked China as a convenient scapegoat. Even though the pandemic is far from over has impacted the people in most countries both big and small alike.

This pandemic is a convenient distraction for our politicians and those world over. Especially in Sri Lanka political parties affiliated with the government are upset that they are unable to exploit their Presidential election result advantage to the General Election that is postponed.

While those in opposition are upset their area government politicians are indulging in the distribution of provisions to the people without their involvement and want a piece of the action. As they find fault with the way government is handling the distribution.

In this background all credit goes to the brave men and women in the health services ably supported by the tri-forces and the police Sri Lanka has managed to contain the spread of this dreadful virus. Not forgetting the farmers and the suppliers of provisions keeping us going during the shutdown. Further it must go on record, that for the first time Sri Lanka is fortunate to have a Head of State, who is not a politician and that has benefited the country. Let us thank the Head of State for providing a holistic rule that covers all citizens no matter where they are in the island nation of Sri Lanka.