Sri Lankans in curfew relaxed districts while venturing out on business must maintain social distancing!

Maintain social distancing at all times!

The curfew is to be relaxed in 18 districts and the public in those districts are advised to go out only to attend to any important or urgent matters maintaining social distancing and not to idle outside during the curfew relaxed period.

Even though the decision to relax the curfew was in preparation for the General Election that the government wants to hold as soon as possible; there were other reasons too to begin relaxing curfew in districts considered having come out of risk.

The curfew was lifted after considering the hindrances caused to the public, as many are unable to attend work or pay salaries without running their businesses.

Earlier, the public extended their cooperation in measures to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The government has taken this difficult decision to move the country forward and it should not be taken as an excuse for people to go out freely. Therefore, all citizens no matter where they are located in the county, if in curfew relaxed districts should while venturing out on business must maintain social distancing and consider it their duty to act with the aim not to get them and their families infected by the coronavirus.