Bitter Truth pill for every Sri Lankan to swallow!

As great leader Mahatma Gandhi’s saying goes, “Even if you are a minority of one the truth is the truth”, Northern Breeze firmly believe in this fact of life, for every human to follow.

Today, during the current pandemic in Sri Lanka while the health authorities and all the support services are battling it out 24/7 to contain the spread of COVID19 virus, there have been multiple viral news stories and acts countrywide locals against the actions of the state to maintain the distance between the rulers and the ruled, than helping to maintain the social distancing. These are people making trouble, ignoring the guidelines set by the authorities to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Some of these events occur due to ignorance, the authorities and the media can inform and educate people to overcome these problems overnight. But there are still people in clusters, who put self interests before the national interests, who like the tail of a dog that cannot be straightened. They are so crooked not ready yet to think and act as one nation are like cockroaches and flies that spoil the foods are poisonous to any society.

This scenario exists mostly because there are too many corrupt political opponents in conflict with each other in all communities, spread all over the small little island nation that was once a paradise.

Not sure when will they stop all this for, life is too short to tolerate this type of nonsense, let us as one nation cut out these negativity from our society, ignore gossip and let go fake people and their dramas! Enough is enough!

The politicians can certainly help by setting an example. Perhaps its wishful thinking, for in spite of the current struggles to contain the spread of this deadly COVID-19 virus they are still busy with their age old ways of looking for ways to defeat their opponents.

This is why Northern Breeze has been advocating all Sri Lankans with a vote to use their franchise wisely to cast their vote to a quality candidate, than concentrate on their political affiliations at the forthcoming General Election, this will help to weed out currupt members of parliament from all political parties wanting to win seats in the Parliament.

In this scenario, Northern Breeze urge its followers refrain from giving these thrash any credibility and advice not to circulate them to others. For nothing is worse than waking up to a fake article. Refrain from sharing such articles in question, avoid giving them attention/clicks.