Renewable Energy for Rural Development

Renewable energy from wind power

The climate change is one of the greatest threats that Sri Lankans, as those in rest of the world will face in the future. Therefore, every Sri Lankan needs to be educated and inspired with local and international content about ongoing initiatives to make Sri Lanka more sustainable.

With proper management and government support, there’s no doubt that renewable energy can help in rural development and pave the way for economic advancement especially in Sri Lanka.

In the present scenario of COVID-19 pandemic still to be brought under control, it is a viable solution for addressing poverty and to jumpstart accelerated economic activity. The aim must be to explore sustainable ways of living that have the most positive impact on not just our natural environment, but also for humans and animals.

While topics such as global warming, pollution, and inequality are confronting, it’s time the media stopped shying away from these issues and became an active participant in finding solutions. A more productive venture than the present attempts they are well accustomed of pitching one political opponent against the other, both at national and provincial levels.

Solar energy for irrigation in rural areas

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All Sri Lankans must appreciate that Renewable Energy is a worthwhile investment option available that also comes with a very important bonus: clean energy that does not contribute to environmental degradation and global warming, that COVID-19 virus has taught us to avoid in all our future endeavors!