Electing TNA to represent NE Tamils in parliament!

TNA must reform to retain its position as sole representatives of the Tamils in North-East!

All those political parties planning to contest the 2020 General Election, eyeing the votes of the Tamil speaking people in the the north and east provinces should accept the reality that the fate of all the Tamil speaking people is bound up by the constitution of the whole country.

For these provinces will only prosper if the whole country prospers. With this in mind, all representatives of the people must first unite together in a non-violent moral struggle for the lost rights of minority Tamil speaking people. Failure to do so would lead to further deterioration of the political bankruptcies in SriLanka!

In this scenario, all political parties as contestants should first workout a common policy for all to agree and thereafter work within it at all times to achieve those agreed objectives !

Thereafter, those elected in North and East provinces as representatives of the Tamil speaking minorities, should strive to ensure that these people in North and East have the tools to manage themselves in the most inclusive, democratic and effective ways possible within a united country.

Thus, the Tamil National Alliance, that has self claimed the title as the sole representatives of the Tamils in North and East provinces must accept this reality and reform itself to work with all the other political parties of the Tamil people and that of the Tamil-speaking people as normal practice to arrive at a common democratic governance acceptable to all the people in the both provinces.

It would then enable everyone in the two provinces to vote for quality candidates than for a particular political party and to do their creative work specifically to benifit their Tamil voters in North and East and in general rest of the people in the whole island nation that was once a paradise!