Message from 2020 Mullivaikkal REMEMBRANCE Day!

Mullivaikkal tale tells of the determination of the Tamil speaking minorities, for they have demonstrated the highest possible moral courage in resisting subjugation. For their experience at Nanthikkadal in 2009, has thought a clear lesson to them, on political wisdom of numerous struggles of oppressed peoples in many countries in the world have learned before that declares ‘no one will give them freedom, but that they have to struggle for it and gain it themselves’.

For Americans with the aid of India used Sri Lanka to expand their own power in the Indian Ocean region in encircling China; thus their involvement in the Sri Lankan civil-war was a pre-meditated and well-coordinated. It was this systematic plan that destroyed the aspirations of nation building of the Tamils. The US and UK with its plans to secure the Trincomalee harbour was the most decisive power in helping the silencing of the guns in 2009 to dismantle the aspirations of the Tamil people. While China supported the same war as part of its plan to expand its economic empire helped Sri Lanka to end the civil-war to destroy the dream of the Tamil people with the aim of severing their relationship with their land in the north and east of the island.

For the Sri Lankan rulers this was not the first time, the path was cleared for them to rule the country the way they wished, as it happened in 1948, when they gained independence from the British without a fight. But there was a difference this time round for the tri-forces had to battle it out to the last, that involved loss of many civilians lives in the process. To make matters worse, there were many excessive caused by those involved in the civil-war, that needs to be investigated by the rulers. This is the reason why even though the war ended in 2009, the Tamils have not enjoyed peace for over a decade, what is even worse issues caused by the war is added on to the original cause that led to the conflict. It was in this back drop that people arrived in number for the 2020 at Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day.

In reality, the collective political message from the Tamil speaking minorities living in Northeast region was very clear at the 2020 Remembrance Day event on 18 May at Mullivaikkal in the Northern Province. The message is that justice and freedom cannot be changed in exchange for any comfort and convenience offered at election meetings by the candidates from political parties of the Tamil speaking people. Nor can it be changed by any agendas of the political parties from the majority community seeking votes in north-east region, designed to divide the Tamil speaking communities in the country.

In this scenario, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) as the main representatives of the Tamils of North-East in parliament, has made it clear to the rulers that they are prepared to accept devolved powers to the provinces, provided the 13th Amendment to the Constitution is fully implemented as it was intended and in addition resolve all war related issues of their people. It is now up to the rulers to make it happen and the whole country is now waiting on the people to see who will win the forthcoming General Election to work with the President, to provide an all-inclusive holistic rule, that will provide due rights and respect for all communities!