TNA must take a full team from Jaffna District to the new parliament!

When same laws applies to all communities, Sri Lanka will be a land free of any conflicts!

The Prime Minister has said he was prepared to hold talks with the TNA as representatives of the Tamil people when they return to parliament after 2020 General Election, with a view to resolve outstanding issues of the Tamils living in North and East provinces.

At the 2015 General Election Jaffna electoral district elected seven representatives to parliament, five were elected from the TNA, one each from the EPDP and the UNP. Given the drop in TNA votes at the 2018 local authority polls as compared to the 2015 parliamentary election, political openion is the TNA may win only four seats in 2020.

This opens up a competition between candidates to secure more preference votes would cause an internal conflict within the TNA. To stop any infighting and to avoid TNA losing a seat, the Tamil voters in Jaffna must vote in large numbers to return all five former parliamentarians. Better still if they aim to get both remaining seats to enable the TNA to field a full team from the district in the new parliament to be formed after 2020 General Election on August 5.

It will enable the TNA to take a full team from the Jaffna District to the new parliament and give them more credibility as the sole representatives of the Tamils in Jaffna.