Tamil National Alliance message to Tamil voters!

Spot the odd one in the pack!

“If someone hurts you, don’t mind it ever because it is a Law of Nature that the tree that bears the sweetest fruits gets the maximum number of stones.” “One must love everyone, especially those who hate you; for it is too easy to love only those who love us.” – TNA to Tamils.

When the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) actively campaigned and took control of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) and the Tamils were naturally excited about the opportunity to speak up through their representatives and through a formal elected body.

At the beginning many  political manupilations from the center contributed to the failure of the council; mainly due to the poor relationship between the newly elected council and the provincial administration set up for the previous governor rule. 

With the change of rulers at the center in 2015 it was expected that the situation would change. But the activities at the province however did not reflect it, that prevented people reaping all benefits from their the provincial council controlled by TNA’s Chief Minister.

The contributory factor for the failure was the poor management that prevailed during the full term of the elected council. One single example to illustrate the impact of poor relationships that existed between the centre and periphery was seen in the Northern Province. It was the delay in completing the Jaffna Kilinochchi Water Supply and Sanitation Project activities that was suspended in 2014.

Bitter truth is that this project was doomed to fail before it began, for any fool know that supply is from the Irranaimadu Tank, that is located in a dry zone, without any perineal river from wetlands feeding it. The only source of water is the rainfall that get collected in the catchment area, during few months in the wet season.

With farmers downstream of the Irranaimadu Tank, utilizing it in the dry season, there will not be sufficient to meet the peninsula water supply needs.  This led to suspension of the project due to the protests of the people living in Iranamadu area against the use of Iranamadu tank as a main source of water supply for Jaffna Peninsula. 

All this took place during the first term of the NPC, true the TNA CM and his team were brought in together for the first time and needed time to pick their marbles to play. But surely should not have taken the full term of NPC.

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Later after much deliberations it was decided to transform the activities of the Project to provide desaltinated sea water to fulfill the water requirement of the Jaffna Peninsula.

Thus the Project was restructured, that too without a detailed comprehensive action plan. Missing were a Master Procurement Plan and Time Schedule as required by the Government Procurement Guidelines. But the project is still left incomplete.

This only story of one sector, it is the same with other sectors that all come within the control of the Provincial Council with devolved powers. It was this poor management that prevailed during the full term of the elected council run by TNA. Naturally, it did disappoint most of the people in Jaffna and were naturally concerned with their performance.

Perhaps it was because the Chief Minister and his team spent most of their time duplicating the efforts of the TNA elected members in parliament at the center, who were busy with the other parliamentarians developing the New Constitution.

Only to develop a rift between the two TNA teams at the centre and the periphery. All in all it reflected bad on the whole Alliance. Yet TNA at the centre kept its schedule to play a major role and made valuable contributions to the draft constitution that was completed. Also tirelessly worked with the government of the day to resolve problems of their people, but the task is still not complete.

All the while the TNA team led by CM was in shambles at the NPC and when it got dissolved by the centre, some TNA members with CM teamed up their opponents to contest the forthcoming General Election due in August, under a new political party opposing TNA. In the process they are now attempting to  throw stones at the TNA “House” that once provided shelter to them.

In this scenario, the people in the province, accepting the Law of Nature that the tree that bears the sweetest fruits gets the most number of stones; are expected to cast their vote to a TNA quality candidate of their own choice. While the TNA leaderership is getting on with the business in hand of resolving problems faced by their people.