Local contractors to build Ruwanpura Expressway!

Locals to build Ruwanpura Expressway!

The Cabinet has decided to revoke all the agreements signed with foreign contractors and assign the work to local contractors; thus construction of the ‘Ruwanpura’ expressway will be undertaken by local contractors.

The Ruwanpura Expressway will run from Kahathuduwa to Pelmadulla with interchanges at Ingiriya and Rathnapura, the expressway covers a distance of 76 km.

The project which was originally started back in 2014 was given to foreign contractors by the previous government with high costs.

The cabinet has decided to start the work of the expressway by means of using only local loans as funding and handing the construction work over exclusively to local contractors.

By doing so, the government intend to provide more opportunities to local contractors and stop the flow of money out of the country.

Accordingly, the government will split several sections expressway with each section amounting to 6-10 Km and handover the construction of the expressway to 10 main local contractors where those contractors will further split their section and handover work to small scale, local contractors.

The local engineers have estimated by constructing the expressway through local contractors, it would reduce the overall costs compared to handing the work to any foreign contractors.