Vulnerable NE Tamils issues need resolution!

Tamils in North-East of SriLanka

The Tamils in Sri Lanka are today highly vulnerable as ever. At present Tamils continue to live with conditions in North and East causing poverty, where as places like Jaffna and Trinco must become global cities with global commercial participation than being name sake regional cities.

Whereas today there are many big regional powers interfering in the internal affairs of the island, they are like sharks in the Indian Ocean that could cause much more devastation to the Tamils than they had before during the civilwar era.

Thus Tamils are highly vulnerable because of the quest of these big powers for regional dominance may use them as disposable proxies again. So Tamils must be vigilant and resist external manipulations as seen elsewhere, for this is done all over the world, such as Sunni Shia Kurds etc with disastrous results. 

It appears, that the minority Tamils in NE or at least their political leaders continue to misread the situation and react in haste. While the average Sinhala Buddhists acknowledge the problem of the human parasites in robes against the minorities and the government is expected to move fast to tame them with necessary regulations needed in relation to hate speech.

No thanks to our selfish matured politicians, who are still harping on the past, who must accept that there is no point in arguing merits after thousands have been killed and millions displaced. Given that many are disfranchised in the displaced countries, a solution has to be found to resolve the original pre war problems of these people, including those additional unresolved matters accumulated from the civil war and after. In the meanwhile let us hope all Tamil speaking people living in NE in particular will exercise care and vigilance.