Country of 2 Nations

For the past seven decades, the Sri Lankan Tamils have been demanding that they be governed by a federal constitution. So that they could rule themselves in their territories, which is still commonly referred to today as “One Country of Two Nations”.

The TNA leaders are still in the game of three legs for my favorite rabbit….

But Sinhala intellectuals have failed to instruct their politicians to accept Tamils ​​as island citizens; as a result, the chauvinist regime continues to reject the situation facing Sri Lankan Tamils ​​with dream of a homeland.

As a result, majority politicians refuse to accept Sri Lankan Tamils ​​as another race on the island; thus the chauvinist governments did not recognize the Tamils ​​ruling their own traditional Northeastern region.

The whole world knows that India intervened for selfish gain and imposed a provincial council system on the SriLankan rulers an incomplete solution and yet it met India’s needs.

Thus compelled by the Indian government, Sri Lanka was forced to reluctantly implement the provincial council system for the whole country, despite opposition of the majority people.

The half baked provincial council system was fraught with many shortcomings as it was made hasty. Though this provincial council system has been in place for three decades, it has not provided a solution to the ethnic problem due to its shortcomings and its non-implementation.

Today, the chauvinist rulers, well aware that the Tamil leadership is split up without negotiating properly the above-mentioned key issues with them; are publicly informing the people of the country about their intentions to abolish the provincial council system.

On the contrary, the veteran leaders of the Tamil-speaking parties are still in the game of three legs for my favorite rabbit.

But disgustingly, one wonder if the Tamil people still trust them. For a long time, their deaf-eared veteran leaders have been told by the people that change is possible only if they work together; but will they ever change?