Monument at Jaffna Uni demolished by Night!

A tense atmosphere was caused in the region of the University of Jaffna last night, after monument built in 2019, in remembrance of those killed in the final stages stages of the civil war in 2009 inside the campus was demolished.

A well executed plan by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna at the request of the authorities. What took place at the campus of the University of Jaffna is considered as part of a act by the state to divert the attention of its people.

One thing is clear, that every human being is an individual and each have separate pleasures; same is true of human federations. All political parties are not excluded from it and so are their journeys.

Therefore, we should not in vain take on the responsibilities to change them, for they will resist it saying we are ordering them. So they will go their way, but will definitely come back after gaining experience.

Until then we have to be patient and not debate, if the path they took is good or bad? For they will realise the truth, only after they reach the end of their chosen journey.

Whether they are Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims or Christians, their qualities and deeds are based on their past piety. Their innate nature never changes and their destiny is to do what they came to do, we cannot tweak it!

Thus they will not like us telling them these facts in advance and it is the philosophical reality of life. Whatever we do, there will always be people who find fault with it. Don’t overdo it, for we must work towards and not against our ambitions.

In this scenario, priority of the Tamil speaking people is to get all their reprentatives in parliament to put their acts together. Then in ‘Thai’ the first month of the year 2021 for the Tamils, to make a new path to replace the path lost by the protracted civil-war of many decades. It would revive their lives of these people battered by the cruel civil-war.