Plight of Sri Lankan Tamil minorities is of concern to British, the old colonial masters!

UK parliamentarians express displeasure of Sri Lankan authorities.

Sri Lanka is a small island nation in the Indian Ocean made up of two races; in it are communities that follow different religions. Accepting these facts, when the colonial power the United Kingdom left the country in1948, formulating a constitution suitable for one rule in the country of two nations. The British were concerned that the native Western Oriented Gentlemen (WOGs), the mega sized majority community rulers would discriminate the mini sized minority communities. Thus the British to protect the minorities formed the Upper House and the lower house of Parliament. In addition included many safety clauses in the constitution. For giving freedom to every citizen granting them the right to vote, gave positive advantage to the majority community.

If only the WOG patriarchs of the day had accepted this correctly and ruled the country with a hammer of their hearts, they would have developed the small island into a leading country in Asia. Moreover, as expected by the patriarchal people the rule of Buddhism would have taken place followed automatically.

Unfortunately, for seven centuries the country was ruled by selfish, short-sighted Buddhist rulers who did not know Buddha Dharma, as many of them had converted from christianity to Buddhism to rule the country. To facilitate their rule these native rulers introduced a fresh new constitution, that was biased to the majority community, replacing the British constitution.

The whole world knows that the country that was a paradise at the time it gained independence in 1948 is today bankrupt, because the majority community based rulers failed to provide an inclusive rule to accommodate the minority communities, that led the country to a bloody and cruel civil-war that lasted three decades.

The civil-war caused untold miseries to many, with deaths to many civilians. The minorities, in particular the Tamil-speaking minority communities were hard hit. The civil-war brought to finish in 2009, but a decade has passed without resolution of issues of the affected Tamil communities.